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Gold Bugs and Dollar Bears. Get a Plan!

Gold Bugs and Dollar Bears. Get a Plan!

| April 30, 2023

If you're an investor, it's likely you've been inundated with newsletters, blogs and editorials predicting the End of the World, a Dollar Crash, and recommending massive Buying of Precious Metals. 

A Market Crash (or for that matter, Armageddon, TEOTWAWKI or the Zombie Apocalypse) at this point would be THE MOST ANTICIPATED "surprise event" in  human history.

As savvy investors know, when it comes to Markets, consensus is usually a contrarian indicator. Simply put, historically, THE HERD IS NEVER RIGHT!

This is the crux of wealth-building guru Warren Buffett's timeless piece of investing advice to buy when everyone else thinks you shouldn't:

There's an even more important point to consider if you've found yourself strong-armed into the Dollar Bear, Gold-ONLY bull or "Hyperinflation" Camps:

Almost nothing you're being taught has an actual basis in reality, historically!

It didn't work before, and it would be wise to ask oneself why in the world it would work now.

History indicates that IF a new currency emerges, real estate, art, ancient coins, precious metals, antique cars, rare coins, and the stock market will all have some value being redenominated into whatever new currency emerges and that will depend on the government. The German stock market rose with hyperinflation and was re-denominated in the new currency (backed by real estate, not gold -truth!) in 1925. Like most other markets, it rallied and peaked going into 1929.

So I’m sorry if the truth hurts, but NOWHERE does history show the stock market going to ZERO and only gold rising if the currency crashes. There is no such period in history that hints at such nonsense. This is propaganda made up by those trying to sell gold who will say anything just like a bad used car salesman. It's not that we dislike precious metals. It's just that they represent just one slice of the investment pie.

No matter what the tangible or investment object might be,
it will rise and fall with the business cycle. It always has, and it always will. Make sure your portfolio is truly diversified with NON-CORRELATED investments that tend to rise when another allocation is falling. 

Bottom line? STAY BALANCED! If you need an experienced hand on the tiller and a team that has successfully weathered "black swan" events like the 1999 tech wreck, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and the Corona Crash, Let's talk! Especially if you're lying awake at night worrying about your future and your investments. 

"Hope" is not a strategy. You need FACTS, Balance, Perspective, and a Living Financial Plan that reflects realities on the ground.

When certain markets go "on sale" like we're experiencing right now, we don't get depressed. We get excited, and maybe even downright "greedy" in the Buffett sense of the word! These are times when a foundation for generational wealth is created. By the time the "herd" catches on and feels "safe" to start investing again, the best deals and entry points are long gone.

Getting a Second Opinion on your families investments and finances can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Especially after a demoralizing bear market where many investors have experienced drops of 25-40% (or even more) in their 401k's and investment accounts.

That's why we're extending an open invitation to try out the highest-rated cutting edge "living" family financial plan platform we've ever come across, and to get to know us in the process:

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