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Grow with Us!

If you’re an ethical, successful advisor with a clear professional record who is looking for a truly client-centric home, we’d like to speak with you.

In a marketplace where Americans have more investment access and options than ever before, clients are gravitating towards companies that understand and speak to their intrinsic needs and away from companies that put their own “Wall Street” needs first.

IF YOU’RE READY TO EXPLORE A FUTURE with a firm that provides truly independent and objective investment advice, where advisors are free to recommend only those financial strategies that fit their clients’ unique needs & goals unencumbered by Wall Street investment banking entanglements...we should talk!

Do you share a passion for these values when considering a new “home” for your practice?

  • Freedom to provide truly independent and objective investment advice
  • Meaningful timely information and research
  • Access to a world of open-architecture investment, planning and insurance choice
  • No proprietary products, investment banking entanglements
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Access to state of the art customer contact technology
  • Seamless regulatory expertise and oversight
  • Open, collaborative atmosphere & sharing with other professionals
  • A company culture driven by delighting & astonishing our select, valued clients

Qualified candidates should have a successful predominantly fee-based business model with a minimum of $10 million AUM/T12 >$150k, a recognized designation and a clean record for registration with our independent Broker/Dealer, Vestech.

Our upscale offices are in ideal locations complete with computers, signage, internet, phone service, fax, copier, file storage, easy access and ample parking. Shared office services are also available. If you are ethical, professional and courteous and are considering a move, call Jim Maendel today at (248) 982-6148 to explore this exciting opportunity.

All inquiries are strictly confidential. We have many relationships throughout the wealth management field, so if you are not the right fit for us, feel free to call anyway and we will try our best to be of assistance in a field where discernment and reputation are golden.

Please call Jim Maendel today at (248) 982-6148, or contact him by email at