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Fee Based Accounts: How do we get Paid?

In an advisory account you do not pay commissions to buy, sell, trade or rebalance stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etfs or any other position in your account. Instead, there's an advisory fee which is deducted on a quarterly basis. This fee is based on the account value, so if you experience a market decline, our fee goes down.

If your account account value goes up we celebrate with you. This fee pays for our advice, trading, monitoring and actively rebalancing in your account.  

Some clients also wish to have us provide advice around other goals besides investment management. Our financial consulting service can provide advice around retirement readiness, retirement income planning, when to take social security, and tax optimization planning among other things. We are compensated with a financial  consulting fee for this service.

We believe that when your advisors compensation is tied directly to the success of your account, you are both truly on the same side of the table!

*Maendel Wealth uses an open-architecture approach unfettered by proprietary products found at many Wall Street brokerages and "wire houses". Occasionally, the best solution for a client may involve including a financial or insurance product that does not offer a fee-based option, which is fully explained so the client can make an informed decision.